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This is a tumblr for fans of Arthur Sales! :) Reblogging photos and posting updates on Brazilian model, Arthur Sales!
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Sneak peek of the handlettering type I was working on today for the fanbook :) 

Arthur Sales
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So I’ve seen some of you express interest over various forms of social networking for the fanbook for Arthur. So I think we’ll go ahead and do it.

I’d love to try to get as many submissions as possible - the more, the better. We really want to show Arthur how much we love, appreciate and support Arthur in his career of modeling and now music!

What I’d like to get are photos of you, you can hold a sign/piece of paper saying anything you want “Hi Arthur” “We Love you Arthur” anything goes, as long as its appropriate. The signs should be kept short because

I’d also like to get a little paragraph or a little letter from you guys that I can add to the book. Typed up or handwritten is fine (If handwritten, please either scan or take a photo of it. Make sure the lighting is good so it is readable). This is where you can express some stuff for Arthur. Maybe you can include your favorite photoshoot of his, what you love about arthur, well wishes for the future, anything.

When you submit, please include your name and your twitter handle, I will include that as well.

And if you can, I’d love for you to include a picture or a scan of YOUR signature, so I can end each page with a personal touch from YOU.

Get creative! And Have fun! :)

You can submit via email to: teamarthursales@live.comĀ 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter: @teamarthursales

I will update this if I have anymore information to add.

Would anyone be interested in submitting things for a fanbook for Arthur? I’ve been thinking about creating one of these for a while now.

Would need submissions of pictures/letters/etc.

Right now I’m just seeing if enough of you would be interested. If I get enough interest, I’ll make another post with information on it, what to submit, how to submit, all that good stuff.

But yea, like this/reblog this if you’re interested. Or message me on twitte @teamarthursales

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Merry Christmas from Team Arthur Sales!
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Wishing everyone that celebrates it a happy and safe thanksgiving! @arthursales91
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